Dec 19
Hope everyone has recovered from the past weekend…what a fantastic time!!! 
The Party began with the Private Show down at Jimmy Buffett’s on Thursday Night.  If you’ve never had a chance to attend one of these events,  it’s a genuine treat.  One of the few chances many of us ever get to see Jimmy and the Coral Reefer’s really up close and personal! 
Friday night, folks made the trek over the Koolau’s to Andrew and Samanth Wiese’s beautiful pool side home to enjoy the first Jim Morris Show of the week.  A crowd of 45-50 sat poolside and took in the best Jim had to offer.  In attendance were die hard Jim Morris fan’s from all reaches of the Country and many others who experienced their first Jim Morris Show.  Judging from all the CD’s Sharon sold, it was equally enjoyed by all in attendance and won’t be the last for many of the novices. 
On Saturday afternoon the big “5 O’Clock on the Beach” Party at Tiki’s Grill kicked off at 1:00pm.  The afternoon was filled with more of Jim Morris, cranking out his best party tunes.  Folks from Fisher House Hawaii were in attendance to experience how Parrot Heads really ”Party with  a Purpose”.  A multitude of Raffles and a Silent Auction, helped raise $2500 for the Fisher House.  The attendance far exceeded expectations with over 300 Pholks through the entry point!  The Phlock was decked out in their Parrot Head best and partied and danced the afternoon away.  Jim Morris played nearly 5 hours, and again offered folks on this side of the world a unique chance to experience his great songwriting skill’s and most certainly expanded his fan base.
Saturday night offered one more chance to see the “Man” who started it all, Jimmy Buffett himself right down the street at the “Shell”.  Parrot Heads were treated to a spectacular rain free evening with Jimmy and the Reefers playing most the “Yellow Album” some oldies but goodies and also tunes off the new ”St Somewhere” CD.  Our club seats were almost dead center in the venue and offered an unobstructed view of the entire show.  If you’ve never been in the “Shell”, check it out…probably one of the best small concert venue’s in the Nation,  right at the base of Diamond Head Crater!  Our group danced in the Isle’s and sang the night away with Parrot Heads from everywhere.  Some lucky club members were even treated to front row seats which turned up unexpectedly the morning of the show.  We even had a Coast Guard  re enlistment oath taken right in the middle of the show…Congratulations Renee Grix, and thanks for your continued service!  As always the show ended far too soon, then many of our group headed back to continue the festivities in Waikiki.
The weekend wrapped up on Monday evening after a much needed day of rest, at the 3/4 Time Bar in Makakiko.  A group of 35 again gathered poolside to enjoy some great food, good drinks, gorgeous sunset over the water,  and the music of Jim Morris.  Sing alongs were plenty and the whole neighborhood was treated to JM classics such as  ”Up against the Wall” and ”Mike the MD”!!!  Probably a first for many of our “Local” neighbor’s…but hopefully not the last!  At around 1:30 am we had a few stragglers hanging on and kind or reminded us of  Jim’s song ” Some Nights You Never Go Home”!  Eventually though, the night ended much too quickly as the last of the Pau Hana Parrot Heads shuffled through the gate. 
Our Club would like to recognize the numerous businesses and individuals who donated  Raffle and Auction Items.  Much too numerous to name here, but they’ve been listed in our previous emails. 
Thanks to Theresa Johnson and the Fisher House Hawaii for all they do to assist the Patients and Family up at TAMC and letting us support their efforts. 
A big Mahalo goes out to Michael,  Alyssa and the staff over at Tiki’s Grill, who took a chance on our club and opened up their fantastic venue to our group.  The drinks specials were unbeatable in Waikiki and the service was stellar throughout the entire afternoon!  
We also appreciate Jim and Sharon Morris making the long trip out here from Southwest Florida and providing us with such a high level of entertainment.  If you’d still like to check out more of Jim’s Music or purchase a shirt check out his website at 
A lot of hard work was also put forth by Pau Hana Officers Deane Leidholt, Jeff Eck, Rhonda Marlow, Lee Walters, Mark Jones the Board Members and also Sound Tech Steve Goodman was there for every JM show.  Preparation for this event started back in August, with first indications that JB was coming to town.  Many many hours were put forth since then securing venues, hotel discount rates, adjusting the website, coordinating airfare and travel, organizing club concert tickets,  mailing out tickets for both the Show and Event,  promoting, soliciting donations,  making banners, working the Event and all the other tasks that help make our “5 O’ Clock on the Beach” possible and such a big Success!
Lastly we would like to thank all the Pau Hana Parrot Heads and Parrot Heads from all corners of the Country who came out to support the”5 O’ Clock on the Beach” Event and Fisher House Hawaii.  Without your folks support it we wouldn’t have raised a cent and it wouldn’t have been such a big success!!!
Please check out Club Facebook site for more pictures.  Look forward to seeing everyone at our next outing sometime in late January.
                                                                                                   Mahalo and Finz Up!
                                                                                                   Pua Hana Parrot Heads
Oct 21

Mahalo to all the Pau Hana Parrot Heads who joined us for the “Pau Hana Red” Wine Bottling at Oneo in Kailua and the afterparty at Kailua Town Pub. Hopefully everyone was able to take home a bottle or two of the Stag’s Leap Merlot. Thanks to Kevin Taggety and Jeff Eck for providing top notch entertainment the entire remainder of the night at the Pub. Prez Deane and Brahda Dave even joined in for a couple of songs!!! Kevin we hate to see you go, and you’ll be greatly missed by the Pau Hana Parrot Heads. Also would like to thank our new club Secretary Rhonda Marlow for putting together the trivia game, raffle and prizes. Lastly a big Mahalo to the friendly staff at Kailua Town Pub for letting us take over the bar and providing really great service. If you haven’t checked out the food at this place, please stop by and do so…it’s incredible and the beer selection can’t be beat!!!

If anyone needed another ticket for the Buffett Show in December we have four more that are unspoken for. We’re be picking them up from the promoter next week and will pass them out at either the next gathering, Preconcert Party or contact us to make other arrangements for pick up.

Again don’t forget about our ” 5 O’ Clock on the Beach” Tailgate Event at Tiki’s Grill from 1-6pm before the Buffett Show. Please let all your friends and family know where the party is and help us get the word out. We’re working hard to make it the biggest and best Buffett Party in town!!! Pick up your tickets on the club website or at If your interested in helping with the charity or at the door, we have free admission tickets for those who can work a shift, just let us know by email.

Look forward to seeing everyone again sometime in late November…Finz Up

Oct 21

Great time out at the Barbers Point Hideaway Club this past Thursday night with Kevin Taggerty and the Pau Hana Band. Appreciate all the folks who we’re able to make it over from town and the East side once again. Also Mahalo to Joe and Kerry at the Hideaway for again hosting a Parrot Head event and providing spectacular service.

We presented our longtime Board Member Clay Deaver with a Missouri Teak Plaque and wished him farewell and best of luck as he leaves us for the Pacific Northwest. He has always been there throughout the years to loan us his sound equipment and expertise, sponsored us at many incredible events at the Waikiki Yacht Club and even played Bass for the “Pau Hana” band. You will be greatly missed by your friends here i the Pau Hana club Clay!

All those members who have signed up for the Sunday Catamaran Sail off Waikiki, remembers to show up at 2:45 and let the Captain know you are with the Pau Hana Parrot Head group. The boat is located just Diamond Head of the Shorebird Restaurant. Price should be $20 per person paid in cash to the Captain.

If you’ve requested Buffett Tickets and haven’t sent in your check or paid by paypal, please do it very soon. The price is $136 per ticket by check and $139.50 by Paypal. If there are any last minute request’s for ticket’s please let us know asap and make payment by Paypal.

Finz Up
Pau Hana Parrot Heads

Aug 31
Great party at the Hideaway Club this past Thursday Aug 29th.  Thanks again to Kevin Taggerty, Jeff Eck and Clay Deaver, you guys really rocked!!! Great to see all the PHlock together again and we welcomed in a few new members. Also thanks to Joe Crockett for promoting our event and the Hideaway staff for their fantastic service. One last Mahalo to David Isaacson and Janet for their offer to match the tip bucket and make $170 donation to the Leeward Women’s and Children’s Shelter on behalf of the Pau Hana Parrot Heads. Kevin also made a donation from the tip bucket which gives us a total amount of $230 to this much need group…way to “Party with a Purpose” Parrot Heads!!!
Other big news for our club is the much anticipated “Fan Favorite” Buffett Show to happen here on Oahu this December.  We have from a tentative date from a reliable source that it will be on December 14th, and also there will be a private show at the Restaurant on the 12th.  We have no idea if our club will have access to the private show again, but we’ll let you know as soon as we get more info.  Also remember to be eligible for club tickets or any other added “Parrot Head Perks” you must be up to date on your dues.  We’ve sent out notices to some folk’s, but if you’re not quite sure check back with us.
Remember to keep checking your email and our facebook site “Pau Hana Parrotheads” for upcoming club parties and events.
                                                                                                            Finz Up
Jul 17
Hey, hope everyone who made it out to the Pau Hana Pool Party this past Saturday night had a fantastic time…I know we did!!! 
Would like to thank all our entertainer’s who made long trip out to Makakilo and put on such an incredible show.  We had John Cannizzaro on vocals and guitar, Kevin Taggerty with vocals, guitar and Harp, Clay Deaver on the Bass, Jeff Eck adding some percussion, Steve Molnar on Steel Guitar and newcomer to the group, Johnny “Tui” adding some incredible vocals and guitar.  The boy’s really rocked the neighborhood, I’m quite sure it’s one of the best music events to hit Makakilo in a long time!!!  Again a big Mahalo to each and every one of them.
We also really appreciated all the ”Ono” side dishes, ”Boat Drinks” and Birthday wishes for me and my buddy “Big John” Francis.  It was definitely one of the best I’ve celebrated in a long time!!!  Remember to check out our Pau Hana Parrrot Heads Facebook page for more pictures and if you have any additional ones please add them to the album or email them to us.
Look forward to seeing everyone again next month, not quite sure what’s on the agenda…could be a Duck Trip, Boat Day or maybe another music event.  We’ll try to put something together soon, and get it out on the “Coconut Telegraph” to you all.  Remember we almost always try to hold our club gathering’s on the last weekend of the month, so keep the calendar open if you’d like to attend one of these great event’s.  If you have any idea’s or preferences please let us know and we’ll see if we can make it happen!!! 
                                                                                                             Phinz Up
                                                                                                             Pau Hana Parrot Heads
Jul 17
The latest adventure for the Pau Hana Parrot Heads took place in Kailua this past Saturday June 29th.  The evening started out at Oeno Wine Making, a great little venue run by Marshal and Bryon right in the heart of Kailua.  Our group had the opportunity to sample eight fantastic wines and review each one.  At the end of the event ou favorites were the Chilean Malbec and a Merlot by Stag’s Leap, with the latter finally chosen by a wide margin as our winner. 
The Wine will be made and aged at Oeno over the next several month’s then in late September, our group will gather again… this is where the fun really begins!!!  We’ll have the opportunity to bottle, cork and apply our very on label’s.  The initial word going around the table is that we’ll name it “Parrot Head Red”, and put our club logo on the label.  If anyone has any other thought’s though, please let us know.  Even if you were not able to attend the tasting, you’re still welcome to join us for the bottling.  We’ll have 30 bottles to go around and split the cost between whoever would like to take some home.  Again thanks to Marshal and Bryon for putting everything together for our group.  Please stop by and check them out if you were unable to attend the event, they do the tasting every day Wed-Sun, also sell Wine and Beer Making Supplies and will soon offer a Beer Making experience.  The website is 
The fun did not end for our flock though, as many of us regrouped next door at the Kailua Pub for a quick drink then continued on over to the home of Gary and Vikki Ferstler.  They were gracious enough to let our gang hang out at their incredibly decked out Tiki Bar and then take us on a Pontoon Voyage up the Enchanted Lake Canel.  The highlight of the evening though was probably Kevin Taggerty making an impromptu appearance from the shores of Buzz’s Restaurant.  Kev went all out for us, actually wadded out to our pontoon, with guitar and Harmonica in hand and played a quick set for the flock before heading back to dinner with the family.  Thanks Kev, that was quite an experience!!!  After the waterfront Kevin Taggerty show, we cruised back to the Ferstler’s all the while negotiating bridges and other navigational obstacle’s with a flashlight and a near miss with running out of fuel.   Upon docking we listened to more great Buffett and Trop Rock Tunes at the Tiki Bar then said Aloha for the night.  It was defiantly a flocking not to be soon forgotten.

A big Mahalo to Gary and Vikki for hosting the final chapter of our outing and especially to Kevin for really going out of his way to entertain our group.  Remember our July gathering is coming right up the Pool Party in Makakilo on July 13th, please RSVP if you’re attending.  We’ll have a potluck and great live music all evening with Kevin, John and Steve.  Look forward to seeing everyone then. 
Jun 7
A big Mahalo to those folks who were able to show up this past Saturday June 1st for the Battleship Missouri Volunteer Day.  Also really appreciate VP Jeff Eck’s efforts in setting up this great opportunity for our club!!!  We were able to accumulate some man-hours for the club and your hard word is greatly appreciated.  Look forward to seeing everyone at our next gathering later this month.
                                                                                                             Phinz Up
                                                                                                             Pau Hana Parrot Heads
Apr 29
Mahalo to all the folks who were able to attend the April Gathering down at Jimmy Buffett’s Surf Museum Bar this past Sunday afternoon.  We were highly entertained by the great talents of John Cannizzaro, Steve Molnar and Jeff Eck.  John has really been brushing up on his “Buffett” tunes and offered us the standards we all know and love, plus a few oldies but goodies maybe forgotten by many.  Steve is truly incredible on the Steel Guitar, please make sure to come out and catch one of his shows if you haven’t had the chance yet, and as always Jeff does a fine job on Percussion.  All are club members and we thank them for their continued high level of entertainment, we definitely don’t pay them what they’re worth!!!  Please go to our Facebook site or YouTube and catch the videos if you missed the event.
We would also like to thank Marlena Najar of Jimmy Buffett’s, for her continued support of our club and giving us access to this fantastic venue and also to the Bar Staff at the Surf Museum who provided their usual top notch service.  Marlena, sorry about not returning the furniture to it’s rightful place when we left last evening…will definitely get it next time.
Please remember we have these gatherings almost on a monthly basis and try to vary the events, locations and entertainment.  If there’s anything that we’ve done specifically in the past or an event or venue you would like to recommend, please let us know and we’ll give it a whirl.  We need your continued support to keep this club going.
We’ve been late getting the membership notices out this year, so will be offering discounted memberships for the year and free memberships to those folks who attended the Christmas Party and Buffett Gathering as previously stated.  PHIP is offering a National Membership Card to all active members this year and we just received ours in the mail this past month.  The cards will be good for discounts at Parrot Head Friendly establishments throughout the Country, and hopefully a few here in the Islands as well.  PHIP will be putting out a list of participating establishments very soon, and we’ll get it out to you as well at that time.  Our club Treasurer, Mark Jones will be sending out more information concerning membership dues very soon!!!   Mahalo for your continued support.
                                                                                                   Pau Hana Parrot Heads
Apr 29
On Friday January 25th, the Pau Hana Parrot Heads had the pleasure of meeting Mr Jim Mayer of the famed “Coral Reefers” at Whiskey Dix Saloon in Pearl Ridge.  Jim was accompanied his manager Mrs Deb Grisham, Owner/CEO of Deb Grisham Entertainment in Nashville TN and wife of longtime Coral Reefer, Doyle Grisham.  Both took part in a Meet and Greet session with our local club.  Jim was also spending time in the Islands taking part in a National Anti-Bullying Campaign that he is active in.
The Pau Hana Parrot Head members spent several hours with their guest’s, having autographs signed, taking pictures and listing to some great live music provided by club members Kevin Taggerty and Jeff Eck. 
Whiskey Dix is the newest Country Bar in Hawaii, and offers a great venue to those Country Music fans here in the Islands who enjoy a good Line Dance or are just wanting a great place to gather and listen to the latest Country Tunes.  Also they have plenty of options for entertainment with the Giant Jango, Video Games and many Pool Tables. 
Again thanks to Sammy Leathers owner of Whiskey Dix and Patrick Dolan of Dixie Grill for hosting our event and serving up the best  BBQ on the Island.  Also a big Mahalo to Uncle Jim and Deb, for spending time with our club.
                                                                                                           Phinz Up
Jan 8

Pau Hana Parrot Heads Annual Report 2012

During  2012 the Pau Hana Parrot Heads have held:

10 Social Phlockings

4 Business Meetings

Participated in 5 Charity events.

We have raised $2650 in Cash Donations:

McKinnley High School Close Up Trip $450

Leeward Woman’s Shelter $200

USO Hawaii from “Buffett” 5 O’clock Somewhere party $600

75 man hours to the “Run like a Diva” Charity Run

USO Hawaii “Late Summer Bash” $1400

5 man hours to the MOTM Gift Basket

Currently at 110 members.


Please read the following synopsis.

January 5th Business Meeting

Jan 5 2012 Pau Hana ParrotHead Club Business Meeting at Walters Residence in Makakilo HI

Call, Second, Discuss and Vote on Motion

Call Meeting to order at 12:35pm at by President Lee Walters

Roll Call: Lee Walters, Deane Leidholt, Nelson Lampert Kerstin Lampert, Mark Jones, David Issancson, Clay Deaver

Treasurers Report $1537.59

See posted minutes for further discussion. 

January 20 Phlocking at Dixie Grill

The Pau Hana Parrot Heads gathered at one of our favorite watering holes, the “Dixie Grill” in Pearlridge for a Pau Hana Friday event. Twelve members were able to make the flocking and enjoyed some great food and drinks. We even picked up several new members throughout the evening. Thanks again to Patrick and the gang at “Dixie Grill” for letting us play our Buffett and Trop Rock favorites on the PA system, also for their hospitality and great service.

Feb 25th Sunny Jim and Latitude Show at Waikiki Yacht Club

This past Saturday Feb 25 th the Pau Hana Parrot Heads were treated to a fantastic afternoon of live Trop Rock music with James”Sunny Jim”White and Tom and Michelle Becker of “Latitude”. The event was a meeting of several Florida clubs visiting after their “2012 Aloha Cruise” and our local Parrot Head gang at the Waikiki Yacht Club. “Sunny Jim” opened the afternoon with some of his classics as well as tunes off his newest CD. Local artist John Canizzarro followed with a short set of Island Classic’s and a few original’s as well. Next Tom and Michelle took the stage and soon had everyone doing the “Conga Line”…and even did a John Denver request. To finish the evening off Jim, Tom and Michelle performed one final set of 60′s and classic rock that had everyone out on the dance floor!!!

As always with Parrot Heads, it was a “Party with a Purpose”. The 50/50 auction raised $450 for the McKinley High School “Close-Up” program, which takes disadvantaged local student’s on the trip of a lifetime to Washington D.C. and the U.S. Capital each year. A secondary fundraiser for the event was an effort to raise some cash for Pau Hana Trop Rock favorite…Scotty Bryan who recently had his beloved ”Taylor” Guitar stolen after doing a show in Cape Coral FL. After a ticket for the upcoming “Buffett” show was auctioned plus a few donations, nearly $400 was collected to help out Scotty.

A big Mahalo to “Sunny Jim” and Tom and Michelle Becker for providing some really incredible entertainment for our event. We really appreciate having the opportunity to experience some great Southwest Florida sytle Trop Rock that is rarely seen or heard out here in the Islands. Would also like to thank John for coming out sharing some local tunes with us as well. As usual our Yacht Club sponsor Clay Deaver really went all out by setting our club up with one of the best waterfront venues in Waikiki.

March 18th Five O’Clock on the Beach Preconcert Event and USO Fundraiser

We would like to say Mahalo to all those folks who were able to attend our “5 O’Clock on the Beach” Tailgate Event, especially those who helped with preparation, ticket sales and teardown at the end of the day. Sounds like everyone had a good time, enjoyed some great entertainment then finished out the day with a great performance with Jimmy over at the Shell.

The total attendance may have been down a little this year, but still a nice turnout with nearly 160 folks through the door…probably helped keep the drink lines shorter!!! As usual our group “Partied with a Purpose”, raising $600 for USO Hawaii.

Our next potential outing will be the “Run like a Diva” Wahine Half Marathon on Sunday April 1st. We have been asked again this year to run a water station at the event. The turnout for this outing last year was fantastic and much appreciated by the race coordinators. In return for our efforts we’ll accumulate much need man hours and a donation will be made to a charity of our choice by the event.



March 25th Business Meeting

March 25th 2012 Pau Hana ParrotHead Club Business Meeting at Walters Residence in Makakilo HI

Call, Second, Discuss and Vote on Motion

Call Meeting to order at 3:00pm by President Lee Walters

Roll Call: Lee Walters, Nelson Lampert Kerstin Lampert, Mark Jones, David Issacson, Janet Issacson

Treasurers Report $2100 not counting deposit’s to be returned to club.

See posted minutes for further discussion.

April 1st “Run like a Dive Water Station” and Fundraiser

The Pau Hana Parrot Heads again supported the annual “Run Like a Diva” Wahine Half Marathon and 5k run this past Sunday morning by setting up and manning the primary water station for the event. We would like to thank each of the 15 club members who showed up at Magic Island bright and early to make preparations for the 6:00 am start time. Our gang kept the refreshments flowing to the thousands of runners who passed through the station four times throughout the morning. The club also provided plenty of encouragement to the racers and blasted out the live tunes throughout the entire morning. Everyone had a great time providing a much needed service for this great event. Probably one of the greatest locations of any Parrot Head charity event in the entire country, like they say “Lucky to Live Hawaii”!!!

A total of 75 man-hours were logged, and a donation of $200 from the “Run Like a Diva” event which will go directly to the “Leeward Women’s Shelter”. Again thanks to all club members who showed up and helped make this event possible!!! Also Mahalo to Karen Bullard who coordinated with the race committee and to Clay Deaver for use of the great sound system. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next outing in late May.

May 12th Trop Rock n Roll Spring Party Cruise

Mahalo to the folks who showed up Saturday night for our Trop Rock n Roll” Cruz off Waikiki. The winds finally died down and our crew pushed off at 5:30 pm and enjoyed a beautiful evening on the “E Sea Rider” cruising off the shores of Waikiki. Some really fantastic views with Diamond Head forward and a gorgeous Ewa sunset aft accompanied by the great Trop Rock tunes of Jimmy Buffett, Jim Morris, Scotty Bryan and many many more and plenty of “Boat Drinks”. A really fantastic evening was enjoyed by all.

A special thanks to “Captain Tiger” for manning the helm and delivering a safe and entertaining trip for all and also to Jordon for her great service and pouring some pretty strong drink’s!!!!

Please remember to put August 25 th on your calendar of events this summer. We’re in the works right now to hold our annual “Late Summer Bash” again this year at “Jimmy Buffett’s at the Beachcomber” but actually use the indoor venue and stage this year. It will be a fundraiser for USO Hawaii and JB’s is planning to designate it ” Hawaii Parrot Head Day”. Your officer’s and board member’s go to a lot of work putting this event on, so please if at all possible make it to this one!!! Look forward to seeing everyone again next month

June 8th Business Meeting

June 8th 2012 Pau Hana ParrotHead Club Business Meeting at Dixie Grill in Aiea HI

Call, Second, Discuss and Vote on Motion

Call Meeting to order at 4:50pm by President Lee Walters

Roll Call: Lee Walters, Nelson Lampert, Mark Jones, Clay Deaver, Deane Leidholt

Treasurers Report $3000 including deposit owed from Elks and Paypal Account.

Resignation of Treasurer Nelson Lampert…see posted minute for further discussion

July 21st  Monthly Phlocking at Cha Cha Cha with Mike Mangum

Enjoyed seeing everyone again this past Saturday July 21′st out at Cha Cha Cha’s with in Hawaii Kai with Mike Mangum. He and Deb really enjoyed their weekend on Oahu, meeting our club and playing for everyone. A big Mahalo again to Jeff and Angie for having us out and sharing such a great waterfront venue with us all!!!

Please don’t forget about our big “Late Summer Bash” and USO Fundraiser coming up on Saturday August 25th down at Jimmy Buffett’s. Feature entertainer this year is John Friday out from Bonita Springs FL. John is a “Buffett” cover and Trop Rock entertainer who play’s Key West and Southwest Florida in the winter and the entire East Coast each summer.

August 25th “Late Summer Bash” USO Fundraiser at Jimmy Buffett’s

We would like to thank all those folks who came out this past Saturday for our “Late Summer Bash” USO Fundraiser and Partied with a Purpose. Our event had load’s of great prizes this year and if you hung out on the “Porch of Indecision” long enough, you were probably won something. We’d like to thank our musical entertainers John Friday and John Cannizzaro for putting on a great show and also new club member Kevin Taggerty for supporting the cause with some killer Harp playing. Also a big Mahalo to David, Marlena and the rest of the crew down at Jimmy Buffett’s for again allowing us to enjoy this great venue.

Overall it was a pretty successful afternoon for our small group, we raised $1265 for USO Hawaii, which was much appreciated by representative Barbara Troegner. We also added five new member’s to our Phlock. Check out our facebook site for pictures and please feel free to add to the album if you have any of your own.

September 29th  Kimo’o Farm’s Phlocking with John Cannizzaro and Kevin Taggerty

We would like to thank you everyone for coming out to our September gathering at Kimo’o Farms Lakeside Lanai. We had a really great time at this great little waterfront venue across the street from Schofield Barrack’s. It was a successful membership outing as well with the addition of 3 new member’s. Mahalo again to our entertainer’s John Cannizzaro, Kevin Taggerty and Steve…the steel guitar player/guy… who put on a fantastic show for our group.

October 28th  Raffle Basket Party at Dixie Grill

Thanks to the pholks who showed up at Dixie Grill this past Sunday for the MOTM Charity Raffle Basket party.  We received a couple of really great item’s that should go over really well down in Key West next week.  Special thanks to Jeff Eck for the Battleship Missouri Teak, an item that will make our basket really unique and special.  We’ll keep everyone updated through facebook on the MOTM event and look forward to seeing everyone at our annual Christmas event in December.  Phinz up!!!

December 16th Annual Christmas Party at Cha Cha Cha’s

Mahalo to everyone who attended our Pau Hana Christmas Party over at Cha Cha Cha’s in Hawaii Kai.  We had a great time enjoying the show put on by our own Kevin Taggerty and Jeff Eck and really appreciate the great service provided by Angie, Jeff and the staff out at Cha Cha’s.  Our club is truly blessed to have such a fantastic venue available to us!!!  Look forward to seeing everyone in 2013.  Finz Up!


Mahalo for all your folks support in the past years, we look forward to many more great times to come in 2013.


                                                                                                            Finz Up!!!

                                                                                                             Pau Hana Parrot Heads





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