Apr 29
On Friday January 25th, the Pau Hana Parrot Heads had the pleasure of meeting Mr Jim Mayer of the famed “Coral Reefers” at Whiskey Dix Saloon in Pearl Ridge.  Jim was accompanied his manager Mrs Deb Grisham, Owner/CEO of Deb Grisham Entertainment in Nashville TN and wife of longtime Coral Reefer, Doyle Grisham.  Both took part in a Meet and Greet session with our local club.  Jim was also spending time in the Islands taking part in a National Anti-Bullying Campaign that he is active in.
The Pau Hana Parrot Head members spent several hours with their guest’s, having autographs signed, taking pictures and listing to some great live music provided by club members Kevin Taggerty and Jeff Eck. 
Whiskey Dix is the newest Country Bar in Hawaii, and offers a great venue to those Country Music fans here in the Islands who enjoy a good Line Dance or are just wanting a great place to gather and listen to the latest Country Tunes.  Also they have plenty of options for entertainment with the Giant Jango, Video Games and many Pool Tables. 
Again thanks to Sammy Leathers owner of Whiskey Dix and Patrick Dolan of Dixie Grill for hosting our event and serving up the best  BBQ on the Island.  Also a big Mahalo to Uncle Jim and Deb, for spending time with our club.
                                                                                                           Phinz Up

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