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Legal Disclaimer… Not all members are required to drink insane amounts of alcohol, dance on the table tops wearing Margaritaville Memorabilia, or sing Jimmy Buffett tunes… BADLY. But everyone must have a good time!!! So… This page is home to our legal notices.

Pau Hana Parrot Head Club Bylaws


The organization shall be called the Pau Hana Parrot Head Club

The purpose of the organization is to promote the Pau Hana Parrot Head Club as a humanitarian group that share information and social activities for mutual benefit. The organization will engage in activities which are charitable, educational, and promote the general welfare of the community.:

The Pau Hana Parrot Head Club is a not for profit organization dedicated to raising money for charity, preserving and improving the environment, active in community oriented projects and concerns as a means of social interaction with like minded people interested in the lifestyle and music of Jimmy Buffett and the tropical spirit of Aloha in Hawaii.


Membership in the Pau Hana Parrot Head Club shall be open to all, regardless of sex, creed, national origin or sexual preference. . A member will be considered in good standing so long as his dues are current.

The annual dues of the PHPHC will be as follows;

1. The annual dues year will or September 1 to August 30.
2. Dues renewals are due not later than the end of the first month of each dues cycle.
3. Membership renewal notices will be included in the issue of the newsletter closest to the dues year
4. Basic membership will entitle a member to a membership certificate, welcome letter, Pau Hana Parrot Head Club identification, receipt of the Club e-mail.
5. Individual and family memberships will be available. To qualify for a family membership you must reside in the same household
6. The cost of membership and renewals will be determined by the general membership.


The Club will have social events on a regular basis. These events will normally include some type of charity fund raising event.

Meetings will occur at least every other month. These meetings will be conducted by the Club President or in his absence, a designated member of The Executive Board. Any member is good stand may attend the business meeting, vote and participate in the meeting. They will conduct themselves in a professional manner or be asked to leave the meeting until they feel they can conduct themselves in a professional manner. All club decisions at the business meeting will be by a simple majority vote of those present. Minutes will be taken at all meetings and reported out at the following meeting .

The Board will meet on an as needed basis, at least semi annually.. Minutes from these Executive Board meeting will be made available to all members in good standing and reported out at the next general business meeting.


The club will elect the following officers for a one year term under the conditions listed below; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Directors. Elections will be held during the March business meeting. An election notice will be sent to all members in good standing either electronically or via mail.. This notice will include the offices to be elected, the date and time of the election, a statement that the election will on a secret ballot by simple majority of those present at the meeting, and invitation to attend. Nominations will be from the floor during the meeting, self nominations will be allowed. Any member wishing to run for an office will be entitled to a 1-2 minute speech during the meeting. Elections will be conducted by the founders and an election committee. Members of the Election Committee cannot be running for an elected office..

The Executive Board will consist of the Club President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer three Directors and one Founder on a rotating basis. The Executive Board will be responsible for ensuring all club activities are conducted within the guidelines of Parrot Head in Paradise Inc, as established in the PHiP by-laws established a the 1997 Meeting of the Minds, and the Club Statement of Purpose. The board will be empowered to make decisions between business meetings to ensure these goals are met. All decision will be by consensus, with each member having one vote. The President may serve as a tie breaker if consensus cannot be reached. Any and all Board decisions will be reported out at the next general business meeting. The Board will act on recommendations from the general membership meetings and forward projects/concepts to the general membership meetings for approval and enactment.


The President shall

a. Have such powers and duties as are usually exercised by such an office
b. Be Executive Officer of the Club and preside at all general business meetings, special meetings, and meeting of the Executive Board.
c. Work with Committee Chairpersons and the Vice President in order to help ensure all assigned task are completed in a timely manner
d. Have the power to call Special Meetings of the Club and the Executive Board.
e. Appoint, subject to the approval of the Executive Board. and except as provided elsewhere in these bylaws members to the Standing and Special Committees, and vacant elected positions with a term of 6 months or less.
f. Deal with other matters as may be placed in his or her charge by the Executive Committee or membership
g. Deal with and try to resolve complaints and issues within the Club and with PHP.
h. Serve as liaison with PHiP or designate this role to another member of the Executive Board on a case by case basis.

The Vice President shall

a. In the absence of the President, have the powers and duties of the President.
b. Serve as Liaison with other parrot head clubs and PHPHC committees
c. Serve as member of Ticket Committee
d. Deal with other matters and or powers that are delegated to the position by the President or the Executive Board
f. Work with the Charity Committee to ensure all PHiP and local charity guidelines are met.

The Secretary shall

a. Ensure that minutes are recorded at all business and Executive Board meetings.
b. Ensure that all information and updates are disseminated to the chapter in a timely manner via email or letter.
c. Other duties as designated by the President and Executive Board

The Treasurer shall

a. Record and keep track of all financial functions and transactions.
b. Balance account, issue checks for all charities and expenditures, based on receipts supplied.
c. Work with the Membership Committee to maintain a current membership list in order to ensure that PHiP requirements are met and renewal notices are issued to all members.
d. Other duties as designated by the President and Executive Board

The Director shall

a. Participate in all Executive Board decisions
b. Serve as liaison between members and the Executive Board
c. Other duties as designated by the President and the Executive Board


The following standing committees are established In order to maximize involvement and participation pf the Club members. Communications, Web Page, Public Relations, Charities, Membership, Merchandise, Concert Tickets., Anniversary Party. Other special committees may be established by the President, Executive Board and/or general membership to deal with specific projects.

The purpose of all committees is to ensure that day to day functions and special events are completed in a timely manner. To this end the committees, working under a Chairperson, are given the detailed responsibility of specific events and activities . The committees are expected to work closely with the Executive Board on all projects/events. They are also required to keep the President and Board informed of all plans and progress.


These bylaws must be approved by a majority of members in good standing at a general business meeting. Future modifications/amendments to the bylaws will be accomplished by a majority vote at a general business meeting, either from the floor or recommendations of a special committee established for that purpose.


The point year will run from January 1st to December 31st. Points may be used for the purchase or acceptance of any concert or event tickets that are offered exclusively to PHPHC members. No more than 2 tickets per member will be available to the highest earners. This figure may be adjusted by the Executive Board based on ticket availability Ties may be broken by lottery. The Executive Board may designate one or two tickets for charity fund raisers. All qualified members will be given a deadline for purchase or acceptance of these tickets. If that deadline passes the opportunity to purchase or accept will go to the member with he next highest total.

    POINTS: Points will be allotted as follows:

  • Officers/Board Members; 50 pts
  • Out of State Member Party/Concert Visit;50pts
  • Committee Chairmanship;40 pts
  • Participation in Charity/Community Event;30pts
  • New Member Referal 30pts
  • Hosting Party/Event;25pts
  • Paid yearly dues;20pts
  • Attend Party/Event/Monthly social;10pts

All events and or activities sponsored by the PHPHC will have portion of any proceeds raised donated to charity. The club will donate, time and or money, to at least one local charity each year. Normally this fund raiser will be the Anniversary Party. The club will attempt to be involved in at least one environmental cause a year. The Charity Committee has a responsibility to take suggestions from members for charities and will make recommendations to the general membership as to what charities to support. Such recommendations will be voted upon by the general membership.

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