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Jan 5,2012

Place:  Lee Walter’s residence,Makakilo,Hawaii.

Present:   Lee Walters, Deane Leidholt, Nelson Lampert, Dave Isaacson, Clay Deaver, Mark Jones

1.  Call to Order:  12:35 p.m. by President Lee

2. Treasurer’s Report (Nelson Lampert):

        Current balance is $1537.59 cash on hand. Approved

3.  Old Business


4.  New Business:

Elections:    Kerstin Lampert had previously volunteered to fill the secretary job temporarily until normal elections for club officers are held.  No nominations for any Officer or Board Positions were made during normal election cycle.  Mark Jones has volunteered to take over position of Club Secretary, with no other nominations for position: Voted on and Approved by Board.  All other Officers and Board Members will retain positions through 2012.

Yearly Club Report:  Lee Walters forwarded yearly Club Report to PHIP and Club on Website and via email.

During 2011 Pau Hana Parrot Heads raised $3300 for Charity, 152 man hours for charity and has current membership of 110 members.

Merchandise:  Discussion of low numbers of T-shirts and need to restock some sizes.  Also some interest in having more club hats made.  Pres. Lee Walters and V.P. Deane Leidholt will order new stock of T-shirts and hats.  Club will reimburse them for costs:  Approved

Activates/Events:  Discussion held on event at Waikiki Yacht Club on 2-25-2012.  Will be held with PHPH club and members from various Parrot Head Clubs from mainland after their Hawaiian Island Cruise.  Trop Rock entertainer’s “Sunny Jim” and “Latitude” have offered to provide entertainment for event.  PHPHC will hold fundraiser for McKinley High School “Close Up Program” in conjunction with event.  Board Member Clay Deaver will supply Equipment for band and sponsor the event at WYC.  A 50/50 raffle will be held to raise funds for MHS.  Approved

                                    Future events discussed were a March Flocking at ChaChaCha’s. May Duck Boat Trip. June KoOlina Party and reef Clean-up.  Late Summer Bash at Jimmy Buffett’s in August.  Christmas Party in December.  Schedule is flexible and additional monthly events added at later date or as opportunities arise.  Approved

8.  Adjournment:

       Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m


Respectfully submitted,

Kerstin Lampert, Acting Secretary



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