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March 25, 2012


Place:  Lee Walter’s residence, Makakilo, Hawaii.

Present:   Lee Walters, Nelson Lampert, Dave Isaacson, Mark Jones, Kerstin Lampert, Janet Isaacson

1.  Call to Order:  3: p.m. by President Lee Walters

2. Treasurer’s Report (Nelson Lampert):

       Current balance is $2100. cash on hand at CPB.  Club net profit of “5 O’ Clock on the Beach” is $760 after all expenses and new stock of T-shirts paid.   Approved

3.  Old Business

            Still awaiting $200 refund from Elks Club and notification on if PHPHC is expected to pay for 4th Keg of Beer which was not tapped.  Lee will contact Jay Sweet PHPHC sponsor to resolve issue with Elks Club.

            Discussion on how well the 5 O’ Clock on the Beach event progressed, any problems or recommendations for a future event at the Elks.  General group consensus was that the Elks staff were very helpful, provided great service and made adjustments to some of the menu prices to fit our needs.  Would get confirmation next time on if Elks will have a cash bar that serves additional drinks which partygoers may purchase, or if all drink transactions need to by ticket only.  Some folks heard complaints about choice of beer, Elks never responded on club inquirer to bring in Landshark Beer. A suggestion was made by Nelson that club needs to see if  vendors/entertainment sponsored or reimbursed in any way by the PHPHC has their own liability policy.  Lee made recommendation that club needs to have more announcements about PHPHC and membership in future events.

4.  New Business:

Activities/Events:  Discussion held on upcoming “Run Like a Dive” Half Marathon Water Station event on April 1st.  So far 14 volunteers have pledged to help out for the event, so it was the general consensus that PHPHC go ahead with the event.  Karen Bullard will be the PHPHC contact and work with the “Diva” committee.  Lee will put out more information via email after Karen attends the meeting on March 30th.

                                    Club briefly discussed August “Late Summer Membership Bash” and need to talk to new assistant GM at Jimmy Buffett’s about holding event at their “Porch of Indecision” again this year.  Also need to see if they will pre-approve entertainers whom the PHPHC would like to have play at the event or maybe at the establishment throughout the year.

8.  Adjournment:

       Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m



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