Apr 29
Mahalo to all the folks who were able to attend the April Gathering down at Jimmy Buffett’s Surf Museum Bar this past Sunday afternoon.  We were highly entertained by the great talents of John Cannizzaro, Steve Molnar and Jeff Eck.  John has really been brushing up on his “Buffett” tunes and offered us the standards we all know and love, plus a few oldies but goodies maybe forgotten by many.  Steve is truly incredible on the Steel Guitar, please make sure to come out and catch one of his shows if you haven’t had the chance yet, and as always Jeff does a fine job on Percussion.  All are club members and we thank them for their continued high level of entertainment, we definitely don’t pay them what they’re worth!!!  Please go to our Facebook site or YouTube and catch the videos if you missed the event.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeetH2j34Yk
We would also like to thank Marlena Najar of Jimmy Buffett’s, for her continued support of our club and giving us access to this fantastic venue and also to the Bar Staff at the Surf Museum who provided their usual top notch service.  Marlena, sorry about not returning the furniture to it’s rightful place when we left last evening…will definitely get it next time.
Please remember we have these gatherings almost on a monthly basis and try to vary the events, locations and entertainment.  If there’s anything that we’ve done specifically in the past or an event or venue you would like to recommend, please let us know and we’ll give it a whirl.  We need your continued support to keep this club going.
We’ve been late getting the membership notices out this year, so will be offering discounted memberships for the year and free memberships to those folks who attended the Christmas Party and Buffett Gathering as previously stated.  PHIP is offering a National Membership Card to all active members this year and we just received ours in the mail this past month.  The cards will be good for discounts at Parrot Head Friendly establishments throughout the Country, and hopefully a few here in the Islands as well.  PHIP will be putting out a list of participating establishments very soon, and we’ll get it out to you as well at that time.  Our club Treasurer, Mark Jones will be sending out more information concerning membership dues very soon!!!   Mahalo for your continued support.
                                                                                                   Pau Hana Parrot Heads

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